Lions Tailing - “removing excess sucker growth from the interior canopy”

Spiking - "Spiking" a tree can lead to fatal wounds.

Topping - Can be detrimental to plant health and structure.

Cavity Filling - Concrete has little to no structural consequence and can be costly to remove.

It's important to hire a professional!!!

Poor Arboricultural Practices

Non Invasive Pruning

Arboriculture and the care of trees no longer require the use of spurs in pruning applications.  More preferable methods are readily available and should be practiced. Though no pruning is non-invasive, the use of spurs should be limited to tree removal and utility work.

Lions Tailing


This is the process of stripping an excessive amount of interior scaffold branches from the interior canopy. At first glance this can be associated with a well pruned tree. Trees will often respond to lions tailing by growing an abundance of epicormic shoots or water sprouts on the trunk. The results from Lions Tailing are not beneficial to tree health or structure.



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